L'eskemm Hotel

I will present the hotel where I work. So, I work at l’Eskemm.In Breton, “eskemm” means “exchange” Our approach during the client stay, it’s that word become a reality. hotel and isn’t part of a chain hotel. There are 44 rooms with all confort and 2 conferences rooms accompdate two and 35 people.

The rooms

The rooms are all renovated and you can book from 69€ for a standart room. If you want more luxury, you can book a room for 79€. price, a welcome tray, a bathrobe, a large bed and a large tv. acess which permits guest to go out and enter when the reception is close.


For the breakfast, all the team pays close attention to the choice, the freshness, and the quality. This is a continental breakfast buffet. There are pastries, cakes, pancakes, brioche, hams, eggs, juice, milk, tea, coffee, etc...


If you want, you can eat at the restaurant for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is open from Monday to Friday. During the week-end we have restaurant partners which can welcome you.

Indeed, you can have a price which includes the room, the dinner, and the breakfast. So, if you want these offer you can eat in other restaurant for 17€.

For our restaurant, we have a new head chef, who works with fresh food. Before he was working in star restaurant and he presents a delicious food for reasonable cost.
As we are next to St Brieuc, we propose a free shuttle, if you book a room with us. In deed, if you trip is nearby the hotel,we bear the cost.

In l’Eskemm, we have a bar where you can relax with a television. Waitress make cocktails for you such as Mojitos. And when the reception is closed, you can use the automatic dispenser.

If you need a conference room, we have 2 rooms for defined number. We propose a concept with this conference room. In deed, we offer a welcome coffee with your day. We have base rate but all are adaptable.

At the reception, we have a large range of leaflets where you can find lot of information on the area and activities suggestions. You can find too, timetable tibe, the tv football program and timetable for the cinema.